Capresso H2O Plus Water Kettle

Capresso H2O Plus

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The Capresso cordless H2O Plus glass water kettle with auto shut-offs and illuminated blue operating light boils water fast, quietly and safe...then shuts off automatically. A gleaming stainless steel dome which is easy to clean covers the concealed heating element. The German-made SCHOTT heat resistant glass has ounce and cup markings for easy filling. This beautifully designed cordless water kettle with chrome plated lid and slip-free textured handle is versatile, economical and safe to use.Illuminated power switch, automatically turns off upon boiling. Ounce and cup markings for easy filling.Cordless design with 360° swivel base for right and left hand use. Kettle lifts easily for pouring and serving.Cool-touch handle and drip free pouring design.1 1/2 quart capacity Fast, quiet boil Safety auto shut-off Concealed heating element covered in stainless-steel Heat resistant German SCHOTT Glass Slip free

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