Eva Solo Coffee Maker

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Our Master Barista's Favorite

Recommendation by Giorgio Milos, illy’s Master Barista: “I love this elegant and stylish brewer. This is great for daily use or for entertaining guests. This direct method of brewing is a perfect alternative to the French press. The result is fantastic and it has great visual appeal. Great for any coffee. Our New MonoArabica Ethiopia is particularly good in this method. It highlights the sweet jasmine background notes and brings out the fruity aromas.”

The Eva Solo Coffee Brewer is both beautiful in design and an extremely functional coffee maker. The full immersion extraction is similar to a french press, but is an excellent alternative choice for the coffee enthusiast seeking exceptional taste. The neoprene cover keeps the coffee warm for 30 minutes. Caution: Do not use this brewer without the cover because the glass gets very hot. #B121

Recommended for those who prefer a stronger, bolder coffee.

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